Welcome to beercans.ru

Dear Visitor, hello and welcome! I’m glad to see you here!

My name is Denis. I lived in Nyzhny Novgorod region of Russian Federation, now I live in Voronezh city. I worked for engineering computing department of huge R’n’D company, now I’m unemployed.
I collect, buy, sell and trade cans for a lot of years since 1991. Now I own the large collection of beer cans.
I’m going to fill this website with news and useful information about Russian cans production, present the newest cans of Russian breweries and etc.
I’d like to present my collection of beer cans, and also I offer beer, energy drinks and soda cans and other Brewery Collectibles for sale.

Of course, I really appreciate everyone’s opinion. You are kindly encouraged to feedback, start discussions and so on. Please complete the registration process.

I have to say great thanks to my family, friends and colleagues for support, understanding and patience with my hobby.
Well, please welcome again and save cans – collect them!